Take a look at our photography page for more information. We offer a full range of consulting services related to photographic and videographic projects, ranging from conceptualization and design work to implementation.


We provide specific types of assistance with technological projects, primarily in support of creative design business use cases. Most commonly this relates to networking design and infrastructure, server administration, and security assessments and remediation. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, as we are more than happy to provide guidance on who to contact if the project does not fit within the realm of our expertise.

Crime Prevention & Risk Assessments

Crime prevention is something we often think about as a strictly law enforcement role, but the reality is that our law enforcement agencies are primarily focused on crime investigation and similar reactive responsibilities once a criminal act has occurred. Preventing crime is as much a personal (or organizational) responsibility as it is a law enforcement matter, with few resources existing to provide guidance.

We believe in making the theory and strategy of crime prevention accessible and understandable to everyone, and we want to be your trusted advisors on everything from assessing the risks and protective factors of your environment to providing recommendations and guidance on how to reduce existing risks and further improve existing security measures; whether your primary concern is technological security to help protect your loved ones online, physical methods of preventing criminal opportunities on your property, or forming organizations within your community to help address safety or security concerns, our desire is to help free you, your loved ones, your friends, your coworkers, and/or your employees from the worries and stresses of that nagging question we hear far too often – “could I have done more, or how could this have happened?”

Our primary services are crime opportunity assessments and consultations, safety and security assessments and consultations, and technological awareness and protection assessments and consultations. The theme here is simple: we are not necessarily experts at installing the technology and/or devices that are available, but we make sure we understand what is available and help guide you through making the decisions on how to best leverage existing and upcoming technology to integrate seamlessly and unobtrusively into your lifestyle, your company culture, your community, or your organization.

Other services we offer should sound more familiar, such as information technology audits, corporate and business security audits, and independent consultations regarding network and system needs. This is an area where we simply want to provide access to the broad scope of knowledge within our organization as supplemental components to our primary purpose: enriching life through enhancing security and awareness and, to the best of our ability, preventing criminal opportunities.